First Aid Instructor

With well in excess of 10 years front-line medical/casualty experience as a fully qualified Paramedic, Mike Bayliss (Lead First Aid Instructor) brings exactly the right professional perspective to the companies varied, specialist and more general first-aid at work training courses. Mikes courses are fun, lively, fully interactive and effective. His full-time career as a paramedic and further 25 years medical background allows Mike to draw from an endless ‘catalogue’ of first-aid stories/senarios, bringing a sense of reality to his delivery of first-aid training.

As a professional first aid instructor, Mike is always adaptive in his approach to companies by ensuring that delivered training is as relevant as possible to the likely first aid situations that staff might be faced with. Mike is often acknowledged as one of best first aid instructors in the Redditch area and takes extreme pride in his ability to afford non-medical staff, the confidence to effectively handle emergency situations until more qualified medical help arrives.